Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 17

Not everyone gets the opportunity to play in a World Cup or an Olympics.

But here at the Dana Cup, you get pretty close to experiencing that same feeling. You get to represent your country, your city and your club. Playing international matches in a unique atmosphere and a safe environment.

30.000 people unite to experience their passion for football, to make friends and to have loads of fun over 5 days.

Dana Cup – giving away amazing experiences each summer since 1982.

Today we relive the Girls G12 final from 2019 – Heming IL (NOR) v Fron FB (NOR)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us this summer – Register online here


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Casas da Noruega - Brazil

Participation in the Dana Cup - the ultimate motivation for school work.

Casas da Noruega have held their first training in the aim to selecting the final squad that will participate in the Dana Cup this summer. 36 girls participated in this training. Of the total approx. 50 girls aged 16 -18 (the total training group), there are 18 girls who will get the opportunity to travel to Denmark and participate in the Dana Cup.

For us at Casas da Noruega, effort and quality on the football field is not the most important criterion for the selection. What we emphasize most is the effort at school based on the individual's prerequisites. We at Casas da Noruega are convinced that the path to a dignified life is through education. For us, therefore football (and other activities) is only a means of increasing the motivation for school work. With increased education, you also increase the opportunities for a dignified life in the future.

That said, we are in the fortunate situation that many of the girls who are eager at school are also good football players. This means that we hope we can show ourselves from a good side when it comes to sports when the Dana Cup kicks off in July this year. All the 50 girls have been highly motivated for school work after we opened after the pandemia, as a trip to Denmark has been the main motivation factor for intense school work.

Of course it is sad to have to inform more than 30 of these girls that there will be no Denmark trip this time. The moment you are told that you are not among the girls who get their dream come true, it does not help to say that you have, after all, made a great effort at school, and thus laid a good foundation for a dignified life in the future. We hope that when the girls get the selection a little at a distance, they will probably appreciate that they themselves have made a solid effort at school, and that this will benefit them in the future.

We expect that the selection of the final group will take place gradually in the future, so that the 18 girls who have the opportunity to travel to Denmark next summer are done by the end of February.

"Passion as motivation for education"

Casas da Noruega works on the basis of a model that means that we seek to find the individual's passion, put this into a system and offer participation in activities aimed at this passion - if you make a good effort at school. It can be courses in jewelry design, participation in our sewing lessons, learning simple hairdressing / hair care, cooking, atletics or football as in this case.

We support Global Goal 4 "Quality Education". 

Read more about the Global Goals here

Read more about Casas da Noruega here 

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United Soccer Coaches Convention - Kansas City - USA

United Soccer Coaches Convention

REUNITED at the United Soccer Coaches Convention

Dana Cup will be present as usual in the exhibitor hall in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

It is all about soccer at the convention with world-class presenters sharing new ideas and methodologies, soccer administrators connecting and learning and the exhibit hall showcasing the latest equipment, technology, uniforms, events and much more.

Booth 713 is where you will find the Dana Cup in the exhibit hall.

Come and say hi and hear more about the Dana Cup, Dana Cup SportsCenter, Dana Cup Academy and Fortuna Hjørring. 

We are looking forward to catching up with friends and partners in Kansas next week.

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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 16

Dana Cup takes place in one of Denmark´s oldest towns. Hjørring is located on the Jutland peninsula in Northern Denmark.

With a population of just under 30.000, there is plenty of space for one of Northern Europe´s best football arenas. Each summer 20.000 youth footballers play more than 2.500 matches on 60 + green grassed fields. 

We are One Family – One Community and we are more than ready to welcome you back this summer.

Dana Cup – a place to call home!

Today we relive the Boys B13 final from 2019 – Cantolao (PER) v Søreide IL (NOR)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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Passion - Determination - Resilience

Passion, Determination And Resilience


Good times are coming soon!

The «Dana Cup Experience» is back this summer 25-30 July 2022.

Registrations are record high as clubs can´t wait to get back on the field and have some youth football fun.

So mark your calendars and start packing your bags. Remember to keep some extra space in your bag for the trip home. It will be filled with good times, new friendships and amazing experiences.

Everything we do is 100% to ensure you and your team get the best «Dana Cup Experience» here in Denmark.

Dana Cup - Powered by Passion

Register online

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Poland 07.01.2022

III Congress of knowledge about football training


Dana Cup is an official partner at the upcoming football congress in Wroclaw, Poland on the 8th of January, 2022.

The congress is one of the biggest events of its kind in Poland and a fantastic opportunity for networking.

Dana Cup will be represented by our agent, Rafal Nocon. Rafal will be talking at the event, handing out Dana Cup information and he will be available to chat all things Dana Cup.

If your in Wroclaw, look up the event here and have a chat with Rafal for more information about our tournament. 

Dana Cup is a popular tournament for Polish youth teams with 262 teams participating since 1982.

We look forward to welcoming more Polish teams in the future.  



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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 15

Happy New Year Everyone!

It´s a new year with new opportunities – nothing but positive vibes.

We will launch our brand new Fortuna Elite Girls Cup 26-28 May 2022.
An international youth tournament for the best of the best – Girls 14 – 15 – 16.
A professional event, with top class games offering a world-class experience.

It will be a test run for our world famous Dana Cup 25-30 July 2022. We are 100% focused and looking forward to the "Come Back" this summer.

Today we relive the Girls G13 final from 2019 – Sandnes Ulf (NOR) v Fortuna Hjørring (DEN)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 14

If you are arriving early to the Dana Cup next summer, remember you can take part in our Dana Cup Kick Off tournament held on the 24 and 25 July 2022.

The training tournament will take place in the heart of the Dana Cup and it is possible to book a short stay at our Dana Cup SportsCenter if you like.

The Dana Cup SportsCenter has top class training facilities all within 200 meters of the front door.

Today we relive the Boys B14 7:7 final from 2019 – Loddefjord IL (NOR) v Gaza Cannan Football Team (PLE)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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christmas dc21

From all of us to all of you - Happy Holidays!


We would like to say thank you for your continued support and welcome to the "Come Back" next summer - Dana Cup 25-30 July 2022.

The Dana Cup - A place to shine and a place where dreams come true!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Dana Cup Family!


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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 13

A place where dreams come true!

"I have been a part of the Dana Cup as a player, as a staff member and a volunteer.

For me the Dana Cup represents the essence of football - it unites people from all around the World.

For one week, the entire world gathers in Hjørring to share their love for the beautiful game. Nothing matters, no one asks you about your skin color, background or religion, you are there to have fun, make friends and compete."

Nadia Nadim - Danish Women´s National Team Player

Today we relive the Girls G14 7:7 final from 2019 – SShOR 11 Samara (RUS) v Bielawianka Bielawa UKS (POL)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 12

Stay positive.

Stay fighting.

Stay brave.

Stay ambitious.

Stay focused.

Stay strong.

Today we relive the Boys B14 final from 2019 – Våg FK (NOR) v Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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